Dean's Dub Bunker

Dean's Dub Bunker

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Dean's Dub Bunker is a deep leftfield downtempo sample pack for the true Dub-heads!

These robust and extremely creative sounds were created with my ever-growing hybrid collection of hardware and software.

Deep flavors of Dub Techno and Leftfield Chilled House weave together seamlessly throughout this pack. Unique, seductive and extremely filtered late-night-chord-excursions eagerly await your sample-chopping skills!

This collection features loops only, delivering a super fast starting point for your new tracks.

Don't waste your time searching for samples - With all includced loops synced to the same tempo and key, this pack delivers new inspiration to get you started making tracks immediately.

A lot of these loops have a really sexy "analog gear" sound and feel to them!

Plenty of the loops were intentionally left without excess amounts of reverb and delay, so you have plenty of room to add your favorite effects and sculpt your unique dubby sound.

Samples are categorized for easy use: Kicks, Bass, FX, Melodic, Perc.

Layer a loop from each category and you're off and running - it's that simple!

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100% compatible with your favourite DAW!

ALL samples at 110bpm.

All samples are tuned to the key of Fminor.

All samples have actual names. (so you can better remember your favorite ones to come back to.)

All samples are 24bit, 44.1khz

293 Loops in total.

Total size when unzipped - 358MB

👊 NOTES for iPad Producers: 

This WAV sample pack can be downloaded directly into your iPad.

(You will need to have Dropbox installed on your iPad.)

The samples are compatible with apps such as Beatmaker 3, Nanostudio 2, GrooveRider-16Korg Gadget, etc.

You can also download to your laptop or Desktop and then import to your iPad using iCloud, Dropbox, iMazing etc.