Dean's Noise Candy

Dean's Noise Candy

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Deans Noise Candy features 64 super-tasty noise textures - from filthy vinyl layers, to soothing saturtated tape hiss!

Attention Sound Designers, Filter Addicts, Dub Techno Heads, Noise Junkies, Future Garage Trippers, IDM Dreamers, Lo-Fi Loungers and Dark Techno Travellers!

You like that delicious dirt, grit and noise in your tracks to get that "authentic analog gear sound"?

Tired of the sometimes over-digital and sterile-clean sound of your DAW?

You've just found your dream pack of noise textures!

Adding these in subtle ways to your tracks can really give you a classic vibe, or a deep underground techno vibe.

I've been recording and collecting "noise textures" for years.

Dirty vinyl noise, tape hiss, white noise, analog gear hums, ambient machine noise, low-frequency machine rumbles, even a few nature noise textures as well.

The Elektron Analog Heat MKII was used extensively to give these recordings a really amazing sound quality.


Misc Noise (white noise, tape noise, machine noise, etc.)

Nature Noise (gentle streams and birds mostly)

Vinyl Noise (from perfect dusty vinyl crackles, to deeply filthy and oversaturated vinyl textures!)

COMPATIBILITY: These wav samples will also work inside of *any* DAW or hardware that accepts standard wav samples.

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👊 NOTES for iPad Producers: 

These WAV sample packs can be downloaded directly into Beatmaker 3 on your iPad. You will need to have Dropbox installed on your iPad.

The samples are also compatible with Korg Gadget. You can load them into the Bilbao Lightning Sample Player and/or the Vancouver Melodic Sampler.  (Simply download the samples to AudioShare to import into Korg Gadget.

You can also download to laptop or Desktop and then import to your iPad using iCloud, Dropbox, iMazing etc.