The Vermillion Sessions - Dub Drop

The Vermillion Sessions - Dub Drop

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The Vermillion Sessions: Dub Drop

Featuring 9 Dub Techno Inspiration Kits (track starters) from Dean Daughters.

β€œI went the extra mile to bring some serious analog flavor to this pack!” πŸ˜€πŸ‘Š

These kits were all made by importing my own custom sounds into the vintage Electribe ESX-1 groovebox/sampler, programming the grooves there, and then recording everything back out into Ableton individually - for even further creative processing.

For those not familiar with this sweet piece of retro hardware, it has tubes inside of it for an extra warm, analog style sound.

I recently upgraded the tubes inside of my ESX-1 from the stock, factory tubes - to some newer, much more high quality sounding tubes to maximize the sonic impact of these kits!

β€œThis very lengthy sound design process has given these samples some serious *character*! There is a distinct warm, "analog-gear" type of sound present that you just don't get when using super-clean, all-digital samples made from virtual instruments.” πŸ‘

This authentic, vintage quality is really helpful in getting an awesome dub techno sound!

Sound design can sometimes slow down your writing process when creativity strikes - Give your sound arsenal a boost!

These inspiration kits will get you up and running with making new tracks in no time!

93 samples in total

330MB when unzipped

ALL SAMPLES have been painstakingly edited for maximum quality and to remove any unintended clicks or pops.

Compatible with *EVERYTHING* - These are standard wav samples.

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πŸ‘Š NOTES for iPad Producers: 

These WAV sample packs can be downloaded directly into Beatmaker 3 on your iPad. You will need to have Dropbox installed on your iPad.

The samples are also compatible with Korg Gadget. You can load them into the Bilbao Lightning Sample Player and/or the Vancouver Melodic Sampler.  (Simply download the samples to AudioShare to import into Korg Gadget.

You can also download to laptop or Desktop and then import to your iPad using iCloud, Dropbox, iMazing etc.