The Everything Bundle

The Everything Bundle

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The Whole Enchilada!

With a deep savings on the full bundle!

Looking to recharge your Sample Library? πŸ˜€

Maybe you don't have a Sample Library yet and you need a grip of samples to start writing with straight away? 😊

Or perhaps you've been watching my YouTube videos and you're seeking to add my signature sound design flava to your own personal sound arsenal? 😎

β€œAnyway you look at it, If you need samples -- This is the bundle for you, mate! You'll get every sample pack on this page at a massive discount!” πŸ˜‰ πŸ‘Š


Bassworks - 365 Samples

Bass Music Drums - 750 Samples

Bass Music Uber Pack - 1,024 Samples

Dean’s Dub Bunker - 293 samples

Dean’s Noise Candy - 65 samples

Devious Dub Techno - 222 Samples

Dirty Tube Drums - 128 Samples

Glitch Shots - 1,628 Samples

Microgenetic Breaks - 383 Samples

Orchid Chord Kits - 188 Samples

ReflektiV - 658 Samples

Techno Structures - 100 Samples

The Vermillion Sessions - Dub Drop - 93 Samples

TOTAL SAMPLES = 5,709 😲😍✊

Compatible with EVERYTHING, these are standard WAV samples.

ALL SAMPLES have been painstakingly edited for maximum quality and to remove any unintended clicks or pops.

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πŸ‘Š NOTES for iPad Producers: 

These WAV sample packs can be downloaded directly into Beatmaker 3 on your iPad. You will need to have Dropbox installed on your iPad.

The samples are also compatible with Korg Gadget. You can load them into the Bilbao Lightning Sample Player and/or the Vancouver Melodic Sampler.  (Simply download the samples to AudioShare to import into Korg Gadget.

You can also download to laptop or Desktop and then import to your iPad using iCloud, Dropbox, iMazing etc.

DELIVERY NOTE: The first download Link will be automated (Bassworks) The remaining download links I will email to you personally in under 12 hours.