Microgenetic Breaks for IZOTOPE BREAKTWEAKER

Microgenetic Breaks for IZOTOPE BREAKTWEAKER


MICROGENETIC BREAKS for Izotope BreakTweaker VST.

This bank features first-rate, all new sounds and patterns to help get your tweak on!

These presets are loaded with hand-crafted melodics & massive drum hits. 143 one-shot hits are included - use them in your own breaktweaker kits or any sampler!

There are 20 kits in total - each with 12 variations, for a total of 240 patterns. Each kit has patterns 13-24 available for you to customize and create your own grooves with these sounds.


BlackRose - 128bpm
BrainStormBreaks - 116bpm
CitrineBreaks - 116bpm
CopperFidelity - 140bpm
CrackedAndJacked - 140bpm
DrumAndBass - 170bpm
EmeraldBreaks - 116bpm
EmergencyCall - 140bpm
FilteredBreaks - 120bpm
GravyStepBeats - 140bpm
HardcoreBreakz - 150bpm
InstantTopLoops - 128bpm
JackingIn - 128bpm
ModernOldSkool - 128bpm
MudSkipper - 140bpm
PsyStarter - 135bpm
RockinRhythm - 140bpm
RecessBreaks - 116bpm
StraightUpClubbin - 128bpm
UnderGrinder - 135bpm


.btweakr (Compatible with Izoptope Breaktweaker VST)

WAV One-Shots

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