Electronisounds Sample Producer V1.0 -- the easiest way to create professional quality tracks, even if you have never made any kind of music before! Always wished that you could make electronic music? With Electronisounds Sample Producer, now you CAN! This program allows you to load as many loops and one-shot samples as you wish -- then easily arrange them into songs and sequences! Built in filters and other FX help define your own original sound. Mix down your song into a stereo .wav file for burning to an audio CD!

Sample Producer is a very basic, and easy-to-understand loop arranging program for windows. It consists of a row of samplers and a song arrangement screen. You simply load your samples into the samplers (as many as your CPU can handle) and then arrange your loops and one-shots using the playlist screen to create a song. There is no piano roll -- the samplers simply play back your loops and one-shots "as-is".
So easy to use, and even a beginner can make music!

ONLY $9.99!!
Download Only -- 1MB

Load up your .wav format loops and samples and easily arrange them into actual songs.

Add as many samplers (tracks) as your CPU can handle!

Process your loops with built-in EQ, hp & lp filters, chorus, reverb and delay.

2 FX slots per sampler, so you can run delay AND verb -- or filter AND chorus on the same loop, etc.

Alter your loops by using the attack, decay, sustain, time, eq and pan controls of each individual sampler.

Ability to select certain sections of your song and "loop" just that section to work on.

Mute and Solo buttons to hear whatever tracks you need to hear as you work on your song.

Master Tempo, EQ and Volume controls.

Render your song down into a stereo .wav file!

"Yo! I'm in love whith that filter! Growl!!" -- Tommy

This software does not come with any loops or one-shots.
You can easily use our demo samples with sample producer for free.

Some Recommended sample Libraries to help get you going with this software are:
The Producer's Vault: Get Loopy
The Producer's Vault: Big Shots
Aggression Session - Double Trouble Drums
Beat Suite

Electronisounds Sample Producer - Make music the easy way!
Electronisounds Sample Producer - Make music the easy way!

ONLY $9.99!!

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