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Here are some examples of what you can make using ONLY the samples from DROP THE HOUSE:

Mix Example by Chuck Silva - Synchronicity

Mix Example by Pavel Vladykin

Quick Experimental/Industrial Example by JTEKK & Junebug

Quick Mix Example by Junebug

Mix Example by Chuck Silva - Take It Back Now

Mix Example by SampleScience

Freestyle Experimental Mix Example by Von Haulshoven

Another Quick Mix Example by Junebug

These audio EXAMPLES should give you a good idea of what kind of music YOU can make using the samples in this collection. There is such a wide variety of loops and sounds in this HUGE collection that YOU can create just about any genre(s) of electronic music imaginable! Everyone uses samples in their own unique way, some people use the loops while others prefer to program their own grooves from the ground up using the one-shot samples provided, and/or by chopping up and re-arranging the loops in their own way. There is no right or wrong way to use the samples and loops in this samplepack. These are just EXAMPLES of what some producers have created using only the sounds and loops from this sample libray.

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Special Thanks to JTEKK for his: Drum Loops and Grooves.
Special Thanks to Rhythm Lab for his Textures.

Bringing multiple producers together in a common theme of House, Trance and Freestlye Club samples, this collection has EVERYTHING you need to produce your next smash dance-floor single! This is not your typical collection of old-skool house samples -- We let our imaginations go wild with these loops and sounds!!

Over 2,100 samples in total!

The loops here are inspiring, versatile and incredibly easy to work with. The variety of these samples is staggering - from clean to dirty, old skool to nu skool, electro to hardcore and beyond. If you are doing ANY kind of "remix work" or producing any genres of house (or even trance) - this download will really help you get that authentic club sound you need in no time!

Junebug starts out this collection with a HUGE library of house beats, grooves and melodic one-shots. The beats range from 120bpm to 140bpm and the variety of drum sounds and genres represented here are plentiful! Everything from really frenetic hard house and tribal beats to mellow late night kick rhythms is here. You'll find super clean beats to underground house grooves - some with melodic elements included!

JTEKK has really let loose on some pretty agressive sounding beats and grooves - these are not your typical house samples! He's provided loops in 4 tempos - 127, 130, 135 & 140bpm's. You'll find super-dirty and distorted deep-house loops, late-night dub loops, glitchy house loops - ANYONE looking for a NEW sound in club music will LOVE these samples! JTEKK has also provided many variations of his loops - allowing you to choose exactly what you want to work with. With this many variations you can easily create intros, breaks and turn-arounds very quickly.

The melodic one shots from Junebug will allow you to program your own unique melodies and leads! All you need is here to sequence your own house, trance and freestyle electronica tracks from scratch - Drum sounds, Basses, Pads, Textures, Leads, Chords, Stabs, FX, Vocal Samples & MORE!! Over 600 melodic one-shots, plus loads of FX, drums and vocals!

From club-pumping crazy beats to super-crisp and clean house drumloops - it's all here! Distorted beats, filtered beats, "white-label" sounding grooves and more. You get drumbeats and grooves from both Junebug and JTEKK, with so much variety you won't believe it! Junebug has even included many beats with no kick drum, so you'll be able to really "customize" your tracks.

Need some help getting your groove started? Dig into the folder of Misc. Music Loops that Junebug has provided to get some inspiration flowing quickly and easily!

Junebug has hooked you up once again with over 275 very BIZZARE vocal samples to toss into your mixes! These range from strange rantings, to abstract vocoded vocals - male and female samples. Perfect for breakdowns or just to add some extra flava to your tracks!

DEMO SAMPLES: (75MB, 93 samples)
Also included with Drop The House are free demo samples from 9 of our other releases that are great compliments to the samples on this collection.

BONUS CONTENT: (148MB, 301 samples)
Basses (from Dub-N-Trance 2)
Drum Sounds (from Trancidity)
Pads (from Atomic Energy)
Pianos & EP's (from Downtempo Spirals)
Trance Breakz (from Trance Explosion 1)

Enjoy! And DROP THE HOUSE - from all of us!


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"I really like the library! Especialy the Bizarre Vocal Samples folder, this is the kind of samples that I dig a lot!! Most of the time I use public domain sources to collect this kind of sounds, now I have a new useful batch to mix in music! :-)

You'll notice that I have used those sounds in the demo to compliment the instrumental parts, sometimes the vocals cuts are up front, other times they are in the background. The Beats & Grooves folder is great too!! Lots of quality beats to chop & remix! The Chords folder is pretty cool... this is a good all around house sound library!" - SampleScience

"I REALLY like the Drop the House pack. Especially the pads - SWEET!" - Chuck Sliva

"I played with Drop The House yesterday, this bank is fabulous there are really good sounds." - MichaŽl Dubois @ Tek'it Audio

$24.99 - .WAV format, Download Only