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Get your new sounds/samples in HOURS, not DAYS!

To create this library of really natural and versatile acoustic LIVE-PLAYED drum loops, I did 2 things:

1. took off my shoes
2. turned off the metronome

Why did I do this? Playing drums LIVE, just feeling the beats and rhythms flow, un-encumbered by clicking sync-tracks and having the freedom of barefeet gave me a wonderful environment to explore and record for you extremely natural and versatile drumming.

These beats are perfect for: downtempo, breaks, big beats, trip hop, dub, drum and bass, acid jazz, chill-out, alternative rock (or ANY kind of rock), rock-a-billy, motown-sound and so much more! All loops are 2 measures long. All loops are provided in REX2 and WAV formats and were recorded at 24-bit, 48khz.

These beats were all played 100% LIVE, and are un-processed and 100% DRY. They have a wonderful raw and natural sound. Run them through your favorite compressor(s) and effects and/or your favorite "drum room" reverbs to create your own unique sound.

I've also included a very large selection of individual WAV one-shots of these drums: (Including crashes, splashes and rides), with multiple velocity hits of each sound so you can program your own realistic drum grooves from scratch

or program your own unique flair on top of the beats provided! Also included is a HUGE 83 sounds SFZ format drumkit all ready for you to load into your favorite sampler and start programming your own unique beats!

Included Formats:

575 sample files in total, 440mb
ALL samples 24-bit.


Criminal Tech House is the loop child of Electronisounds head producer, Junebug.

This brilliant mix of audio and formatting brings you one of the most essential Tech House bundles for use in any DAW. Criminal Tech House contains four massive construction kits that include multi-sampled loops, FX, synth shots, vocals, mixed beats, basses, drum one-shots, MIDI, and other audio elements.

Think DJ Tools and four-on-the-floor rhythms of sneaky synths and growling basses and you'll be close to the power of this library.

Detailed Contents:
4 HUGE Construction Kits
4 Loop Folders (86 total Loops)
4 MIDI Folders (14 MIDI Files)
5 One Shot Folders (258 One Shot Samples)

Included Formats:

358 sample files in total, 383mb
ALL samples 24-bit.


Deep Tech Arps for Sylenth1 VSTi is a collection of 128 original arp patches.

These arps a perfectly suited for a wide range of EDM styles, including: Tech-House, Psy Trance, Deep House, Hard Trance, Melodic House, Hard House, Berlin Techno, Mainroom & Trance, etc.

With this full bank of 128 arps, the variety included is staggering. These arps will inspire you to create new tracks, and slide effotlessly into tracks you're already working on!

ALL patches make full use of extensive mod wheel programming.

Please note that you are getting 128 original SOUNDS as well. Simpy turn off the arp setting in Sylenth and program/play your own original melodies!

This collection of arps will be a soundbank you come back to time and time again!

Included Formats:
Sylenth1 .FXB bank

128 ARP Patches in total


This library is not your typical Dubstep "loop-set" - this is truly a HUGE pallete of all-new sounds, stabs, wobbles, bass-drops, impacts, beats, construction kits, drum kits, drumloops, melodic loops, vocals, Sylenth1 VST patches, FX noises, and melodic one-shots to help you in building your own ORIGINAL Dubstep-influenced tracks from the ground up!

Every sound, loop and sample has been crafted and tempo-synced at 140bpm, so everything in this pack will "glue" together effortlessly! We're pusing the boundaries of Dubstep wtih "Dubstep Mantis"!

We've included EVERYTHING you need to compose your own original tracks from scratch in a wide variety of UK Bass genres and more! From hard & heavy Dubstep, to Trap, Complextro, Elektro and even Drum and Bass! The heart and soul of this collection is the one-shots - over 675 expertly edited sounds to build your own original tracks using your own unique style! There are plenty of loops and construction kits included as well.

Included Formats:
WAV, REX2, SFZ, Sylenth1, MIDI

1,039 sample files in total, 750mb
ALL samples 24-bit.


Electronisounds throws down the heat with 100 hard-hitting patches for NI Massive with Dubstep Pollution.

These patches are perfect for: Dubstep, Complextro, Drumstep, Drum and Bass, Neurofunk, Techstep, Breakbeat, Glitch-hop, EDM, Electro & more.

Whether you're a seasoned Dubstep producer or are just starting out - these sounds will get your creativity flowing and give you new ideas for your tracks!

You'll need more than just a stack of killer bass patches to write your next smash hit. We've included wicked basses, leads, synths, keys, pads and sfx that pack serious punch for creating legendary melodics!

Dubstep pollution is a full featured patchbank, with all the variety of sounds you need to get to steppin', including:

46 Basses
11 FX
2 Keys
17 Leads
4 Pads
6 Sequences
8 Synths
6 Wobbles

Extensive macro programming is featured in most patches for extreme sonic flexibility and sound variation(s).

Expand your sonic pallete and get these exceptional new sounds for your NI Massive VST synth!

Included Format:

NOTE: There are NO extra effects or side-chaining used in the audio demo. A bit of EQ is all we used. All drum sounds/loops in the audio demo are from various other Electronisounds Dubstep samplepacks.


GLITCH STEP TEK brings you 5 thick construction kits - combining elements of Glitch-Hop, Dubstep & Tekno!

These are not your average construction kits - We took these kits into wide-open inspiration territory! Each Construction Kit is like a mini sample library in itself -- We've included as many tools as possible to get you making new Dubstep tracks instantly with your own original style.

Included in each kit are: Drumloops with many variations, drum sound one-shots, glitch hits & loops, bass loops, synth loops, wobble loops, lead synth lines, Pad loops & more! There are so many samples in each kit - giving you the creative flexibitiy to put together your own original Dubstep track!

Last but not least is the folder of 333 BONUS SAMPLES from our other sample libraries! you get drum hits from Criminal Tech House & Hybrid ElectriX, MIDI LOOPS from Straight 128 and Vocal samples from Dubstep Mantis!

Included Formats:

792 sample files in total, 585mb
Samples are 24-bit & a few 16-bit.


Hybrid ElectriX is an extremely unique sample library from Electronisounds full of exciting samples!

To create these loops & sounds, Junebug blurred genre lines and gathered influences from trip hop, hip hop, dubstep, elektro, downtempo, berlin techno, breaks, dirty dutch & freestyle. The resulting samples are thick, layered, heavily processed and 100% fresh!

With over 1.6 gigs of content, Hybrid ElectriX is truly an EPIC journey crossing through many electronic music styles.

You get drum loops, drum one-shot kits, FX loops & sounds, arp loops, bass loops, chord & pad loops, string loops, synth loops & MIDI loops.

The drum loops come with many variations and have a distinct street flavor to them - many of them are layered with dirt, grit and vinyl noise for an authentic 'sampled from your personal record crate' sound. The melodic loops range from lush & abstract analog goodness, to angry distorted synth & bass loops with everything in between. There is such a variety of distinct sounds in these melodic loops! Over 150 drum sound one-shots are also included.

This library is sure to bring you fresh inspiration and will definitely inject a new sound in your tracks! If you're looking to bring a seriously UNIQUE edge to your music, this library is for you!

The 89 MIDI LOOPS will give you that extra inspiration to easily bring new ideas to your favortie VST synths & samples!

Included Formats:

ALL LOOPS AT 112bpm. ALL SAMPLES 24-bit.


Electronisounds' return to MIDI is nothing short of amazing!

This is a complete audio sample library for the nu skool producer or enthusiast including: deep basslines, slicing synth arps, lush chord and pad loops, glassy house keys, catchy synth leads & riffs, thick tech beats, crisp hats-only loops, whacked-out FX loops & drum sound one-shots!

There are a total of 161 loops and 101 MIDI files to give you total control over your production(s).

Also included are WAV and REX2 drum loops, hats-only loops and FX loops for you to add that perfect rhythmic flava in any tempo! Or use the many one-shots and create an entirely unique drum kit.

This sample library is optimal for making Tech House, Swedish House, Dutch House, Trance, Berlin Techno, Underground Techno, Minimal, Chillout, Downtempo, Hip Hop or any genre under your mastery.

With MIDI, REX2 and one-shots involved, your options are limitless.

Included Formats:

422 sample files in total, 405mb
ALL samples 24-bit.


Electronisounds and Soundemote bring you a DEEP multi-sampled KONTAKT instrument of Junebug's acoustic drumkit!

Perfectly recorded and expertly edited and programmed - you'll find this drumkit will suit MANY genres of music - from rock, blues, motown sound, indie and alternative to EDM, pop, chillout, hip hop, trip hop, downtempo, breaks, drum and bass and even dubstep!

4 Instruments: Kick, Snare, Piccolo Snare, Hat
Careful sampling of quiet notes for a large dynamic range to allow for simulation of hat rolls and snare rolls
Effort was made to preserve human element, e.g. kick samples are sprinkled with natural resonating kick buzzes

Up to 13 repetitions - Up to 10 velocity layers
13 Articulations: Kick, Snare, SnareRim, SnareRoll, Piccolo, PiccoloRim, PiccoloRoll, HatTopClosed, HatClosed, HatSemiOpen, HatOpen, HatClosing, HatChoke

Stereo 48kHz/24-bits with Superior noise reduction
1,114 samples

Included Formats:
Junebug Kit requires Kontakt 4 and up.


This versatile compilation of DRUM ONE-SHOTS will get your drum beats KICKIN'!

Use these sounds to program your own original beats in any genre of electronic music - from House & Dubstep to Hip Hop & Drum and Bass!

We've hand-picked the absolute best quality DRUM ONE-SHOTS from the huge Electronisounds sample vault and put together this killer drumkit of over 225 sounds! The sounds are organized by category: claps, cymbals, closed hats, open hats. kicks, percussion and snares.

We've even included a folder of BONUS BEATS made exclusively with these drum sounds! All beats from the audio demo are included + MORE!

This drumkit is the perfect sample pack for those who like to program their own drum beats from the ground up!

17 claps
7 cymbals
36 closed hats
19 open hats
59 kicks
29 percussion
69 snares

Included Formats:

268 sample files in total, 98mb


Electronisounds is very proud to present this fresh batch of *all-new* Dubstep beats, loops, hits, one-shots & MIDI from Junebug! These are extreme brain-rattling DUBSTEP samples!

Wild-style pumping bass spheres, skreaming synth coils, complex & layered pad structures, break-out beats (with "no-kick" and "top-only" versions included), glitched-out noisy racket, a hidden-treasure-chest of drum hits (including KEY LABELED KICK DRUMS), deep reverb'd boom hits (KEY LABELED), skillfully-sculpted & tempo-synced drum stutter FX-shots, explosive bass hits and MORE! These samples will take your Dubstep tracks to the next level!

Making a new Dubstep mix from the ground up is easy with "Kinetic Dubstep Visions"! Start with a drumloop or program your drums from the scratch with our new drum hits, then grab some synth & chord loops for your intro and breakdowns, and get ready for the epic drop with the deep selection of hand-crafted, wicked, speaker-shaking bass loops!

There are NO construction kits on "Kinetic Dubstep Visions" -- This sample library is for DJ's and producers who want to make their own UNIQUE Dubstep tracks! We've included a nice selection of One-Shots for you to program your own beats and bass from scratch! Everything you need to produce complete tracks from the ground up or embellish your existing bass music productions.

"Kinetic Dubstep Visions" is 100% royalty free, meaning you can add all of these elements to your tracks without worrying about any sample clearance hassle! This library is a perfect companion to our other Dubstep sample collections: Glitch Step Tek & Dubstep Mantis!

ALL LOOPS AT 140bpm.

Included Formats:
WAV + MIDI -- Compatible with ANY and EVERY DAW!

Over 650 sample files in total, 967mb

Audio demo contains contributions from Junebug & satYatunes.


This library is not just another construction kits set - this is truly an amazing pallete of lush new sounds, loops, grooves, beats and samples to help you in building your own ORIGINAL music from the ground up!

We've included everything you need to compose finished tracks in many genres - from chillout, trip hop and acid jazz, to slow breaks, big-beats and swaggering soundtracks!

There are no construction Kits on Laid Back Chilled Funk MIDI.

This is a complete audio sample library. There are a total of 100 WAV format melodic loops and 100 MIDI files of those loops. Also included are programmed acoustic and electric drumbeats in WAV and REX2 format, giving you full flexibility over track tempo and beat customization.

With MIDI & REX2, you can create original tracks in any tempo you like! Like to program your own drumbeats? No problem! Dig in to the included drum sound one-shots and roll your own!

To round off this thick collection, we've included a perfect assortment of all-new one shot soundss for you to program your own beats, breaks, grooves, melodies and turn-arounds from scratch! There are one-shot bass sounds, drum sounds, FX sounds, mixed mellow sounds, twisted ambient textures, vocal FX slices and spoken vocal samples.

With WAV, MIDI, REX2 and one-shot sounds, your options are limitless. Feed your DAW and get your groove on!

Included Formats:

447 sample files in total, 650mb
ALL samples 24-bit.


Buckle up for sonic mayhem! Electronisounds presents MICROGENETIC BREAKS for Izotope BreakTweaker VST.

This bank features first-rate, all new sounds and patterns to help get your tweak on!

These presets are loaded with hand-crafted melodics & massive drum hits. 143 one-shot hits are included - use them in your own breaktweaker kits or any sampler!

There are 20 kits in total - each with 12 variations, for a total of 240 patterns. Each kit has patterns 13-24 available for you to customize and create your own grooves with these sounds.


BlackRose - 128bpm, BrainStormBreaks - 116bpm, CitrineBreaks - 116bpm, CopperFidelity - 140bpm, CrackedAndJacked - 140bpm, DrumAndBass - 170bpm, EmeraldBreaks - 116bpm, EmergencyCall - 140bpm, FilteredBreaks - 120bpm, GravyStepBeats - 140bpm, HardcoreBreakz - 150bpm, InstantTopLoops - 128bpm, JackingIn - 128bpm, ModernOldSkool - 128bpm, MudSkipper - 140bpm, PsyStarter - 135bpm, RockinRhythm - 140bpm, RecessBreaks - 116bpm, StraightUpClubbin - 128bpm, UnderGrinder - 135bpm

.btweakr (Compatible with Izoptope Breaktweaker VST) + WAV One-Shots


Buckle up for sonic mayhem! Electronisounds presents:

All loops made with Izotope BreakTweaker VST. These loops features first-rate, all new sounds and beats to help get your tweak on!

This pack is loaded with hand-crafted melodics & massive drum hits. 245 loops and 143 one-shot hits are included - use them in your DAW or sampler or choice.

There are groove 20 kits in total - each with 12 variations, for a total of 240 patterns.


BlackRose - 128bpm, BrainStormBreaks - 116bpm, CitrineBreaks - 116bpm, CopperFidelity - 140bpm, CrackedAndJacked - 140bpm, DrumAndBass - 170bpm, EmeraldBreaks - 116bpm, EmergencyCall - 140bpm, FilteredBreaks - 120bpm, GravyStepBeats - 140bpm, HardcoreBreakz - 150bpm, InstantTopLoops - 128bpm, JackingIn - 128bpm, ModernOldSkool - 128bpm, MudSkipper - 140bpm, PsyStarter - 135bpm, RockinRhythm - 140bpm, RecessBreaks - 116bpm, StraightUpClubbin - 128bpm, UnderGrinder - 135bpm

WAV Loops & One-Shots


Electronisounds brings you 128 all-new patches for SYLENTH1 with NEURAL IGNITION. This skillfully programmed bank of sounds will re-ignite your passion for using SYLENTH1 in your tracks! All the patches you need for constructing the many genres of EDM are provided - Arps, Basses, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Risers & FX!

These sounds are perfect for: Tech-House, Trance, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Complextro, Trap, Drum and Bass, Electro, Downtempo, Chillout & more.

Extensive mod-wheel programming is included in all patches - playing with the mod-wheel while using these sounds will further push your inspiration into exciting new territory!

Expand your sonic pallete and get these amazing new sounds for your SYLENTH1 VST synth!

DEMOS: ALL melodic sounds in the demos are from the NEURAL IGNITION patch bank including the fx and riser sounds! The drums in the first demo are from our sample library: STRAIGHT 128. Special thanks to Pavel Vladykin for the 2nd demo.

Included Format:
Sylenth1 .FXB bank

128 patches in total


PSY TRANCE ENERGY features eight high-energy construction kits that will instantly inspire you!

This library is packed with hypnotic samples -- You'll find bass loops, synth arps, thick kick drums, fx hits & riser sweeps, top loops, hats & claps, deep & modulated impacts, dreamy intro pads, glitched vocal cuts, haunting etheral vocal samples, Midi loops and more!

Everything you need to get up and running with new Psy Trance tracks or to help you finish tracks you've already started!

WAV, MIDI -- Compatible with ANY and EVERY DAW!

ALL LOOPS AT 145bpm.



614 ALL-NEW patches, plus the original 384 patches, for a total of 998 preset sounds from TWENTY SEVEN sound designers!!

4-Oscillators w/PW and Fine Tuning (sine, saw, ramp, triangle, pulse, white noise, pink noise)
Osc's 3 & 4 have a "Cents" control
Osc 1 & 2 Octave range: -1 to +1
Osc 3 & 4 Octave range: -2 to +3
LP Filter
LFO to Filter (With Amount and Delay controls)
LFO to Pitch (With Amount and Delay controls)
LFO's Sync to BPM (1/16, 1/12, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1, 1bar, 2bar, 4bar) (sine, triangle, saw, ramp, square, noise, sample/hold)
"Boost-Style" EQ (Hi, Mid, Mid-Lo, Low) (Note: These can seriously CRANK the volume of your patch!)
2 ADSR Envelope's -- Amplitude & Filter
Built-in FX: Auto-Pan, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Flanger & Reverb
Built-in preset browser
Mono & Poly Modes with Re-Trigger option
Pitch-Bend Wheel
Velocity Sensitivity

Red Dragon V2.0 comes PACKED with 998 patches hand-crafted by TWENTY SEVEN talented sound designers!

From these programmers you will enjoy a large and capable sound pallete exploding with analog goodness and featuring enough variety to make the Red Dragon useful in many different genres of electronic music. Pads, textures, leads, fx, basses, organs, retro emulations and much more!

Here is a list of the entire crew of sound designers who worked on presets for the Red Dragon:

Andrew Vernon, Audioware, Bduffy, DJBenniBoy, Elvaron, Gravehill, HM, Inner Dreamer, Johnny X, JoMal, Junebug, Kriminal, Mach-One (M.van Schaik), MoonDive, Orange Nut, Reusenoise, Reverse Engineer, Rickard Steffensen, Ruca EFX, SampleScience, Sebo, SynthPreset, Tim Conrardy, Tonius, Torben Hansen, Wmph, Zerotonin

A BIG thank you goes out to all of you who helped get this new version of Red Dragon off the ground!

Michael Dubois from Tek'it Audio for his new GUI, presets and re-programming of the entire synth!
Tonius for his presets and audio demo!


Electronisounds dives deep into the frenetic side of Psy-Trance to bring you 64 twisted patches for G-Sonique Renegade VSTi. Welcome to the Sonic Rebellion!

The Renegade VSTi really shines in making perfect sounds for Psy-Trance.

These patches are absolutely essential for Psy-Trance producers - they will instantly get your creativity flowing to write new tracks or finish ones you've already started.

To further kick-start your creativity, we've included 42 key-labeled kick drums, and 10 key-labeled sub kick drums!

Join the Sonic Rebellion - Grab the Renegade VSTi from G-Sonique, grab this preset pack and take your Psy-Trance productions to an elevated level!

NOTE: We used 8 instances of Renegade in the audio demo. All melodic sounds are made with Renegade. All drum sounds are from other Electronisounds samplepacks.


I hand-crafted Straight 128 with only one rule - everything must be at 128bpm. I went ALL OUT creating the freshest samples you're likely to hear this year!

This hefty sample library (1.42gigs) will inspire you to create original tracks immediately in EDM genres such as: Elektro, Complextro, Future Dubstep, Tech-House, Dirty Dutch House, Swedish House, Fidget House, Deep House, Berlin Techno, Progressive, Tech Breaks, Progressive, Minimal, Tribal, Freestyle, Experimental & More!

There are no construction kits on Straight 128.

Straight 128 was made for people who like to use samples and loops to create their own UNIQUE tracks, not to just "re-build" construction kits. You'll get arp loops, bass loops, big chords, midi loops, drops, breaks, build-ups & uplifters, drum loops, "no kick" drumloops, drum hit kits, synth loops, glitch cuts, glitch loops and multi-sampled instruments for your sampler! Using the sounds and loops here - you will love producing music with this sample library! Straight 128 will be a perfect addition to increase the sonic power of your sample arsenal and give your tracks the unique edge they need!

An extra special feature of Straight 128 is the "WHITE LABEL BEATS" drum hit kit - We've spent weeks in the studio on this drum kit alone - ensuring you'll be making custom beats from the ground up that will make people say, "WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE DRUM SOUNDS?!?!"

Included Formats:

Over 1,000 sample files in total, 1.42gb
ALL LOOPS AT 128bpm.
ALL samples 24-bit.


This compilation of over 1,000 MIDI LOOPS from Electronisounds is absolute inspiration for your tracks!

We've bundled ALL the MIDI LOOPS from the following Electronisounds sample libraries:

Absolute MIDI
Hyper Synthetic MIDI
Junebug's MIDI Madness
Laid Back Chilled Funk MIDI
Straight 128

The files are organized by category: arps, basslines, drum loops, synth leads, chords, piano & electric piano, flute riffs, pad loops, etc. ALL MIDI's are labeled by KEY for easy mixing and matching!

This is the ultimate collection of MIDI LOOPS! We've even included some extra BONUS and unreleased MIDI's!

There are no WAV samples in this download. It contains MIDI loops ONLY.

Included Formats:

Over 1,000 files in total!

Please keep in mind that you can assign these MIDI LOOPS to ANY sound you like and use them to make ANY genre of electronic music at ANY tempo. This audio demo is just one small example of what can be made with these MIDI LOOPS!