Absolute MIDI ($24.99)
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Over 400 *ALL-NEW* MIDI loops!!

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Electronisounds - Absolute MIDI -- Mixes Example
Using only the MIDI loops from Absolute MIDI, we created 2 short mix examples of what you can do with these loops. Please keep in mind that you will be able to assign ANY sound(s) you like to these loops.

Electronisounds - Absolute MIDI -- Loops Example
Please keep in mind that YOU will be able to assign ANY sound(s) of your choice to these MIDI Loops!

Electronisounds - Absolute MIDI -- Mix Example 02
Another mix example of what you can do with these loops. Please keep in mind that you will be able to assign ANY sound(s) you like to these loops.

Welcome to Absolute MIDI, Our second MIDI loops release!

You've just hit the jack-pot, mate! With over 400 midi loops of all varieties, you can create new tracks, or embellish existing ones effortlessly! Everything you need to put together all styles of electronic music is featured here: from phat drumbeats, string runs, organ loops and riffs - even arps and basslines. Over SIX YEARS in the making!

If you liked our 1st MIDI release, "Junebug's MIDI Madness" - you'll LOVE Absolute MIDI!

Got a great groove you've started producing and need just the right bassline or flute riff? Digging through these MIDI loops will get you where you need to go in minutes! Start with one of our midi loops and easily customize it to suit your track(s). By transposing and creating your own unique turn-arounds, breaks, intros and outros - You've got so many possibilities!

Start with 89 drum loops (General MIDI and NON-General MIDI sections), and top it off with a broad range of 321 musical loops -- you've got Absolute MIDI! With midi format (.mid), you'll be able to import these loops right into your software sequencer of choice (or even the ROLAND MC-80 hardware midi sequencer). Here are some examples of software that can import these midi files: Cubase VST, Orion Virtual Studio, Sonic Foundry's ACID, Propellerheads REASON, Fruity Loops, Etc. (Please refer to your sequencer or host software documentation to see if you can import midi files).

With your ease-of-use in mind, we categorized all of these midi loops into appropriate folders and labeled them all by style of loop and chord/key. Each loop is an individual file as well, meaning you won't have to search through an entire midi song just to find a bass loop or organ part.

Here's how we broke down the folders of midi loops:
Arps, Basslines, Drum loops, Flute Riffs, Organ Riffs, Pad-Layerings, Piano Loops, String Loops, Synth Leads & Riffs.

We've provided the musical loops in a wide variety of chords and keys here, but by transposing the loops you can get them to work in any key you need. The possibilities are endless - try the same loop at various tempos as well! These loops will all work with tracks of ANY tempo!

The drum loops are made to work with a wide variety of software (or hardware) samplers & sequencers. We've had great success using: NI's Battery & Linplug's RM 2 & 3, but you can use them with your Virtual drum machine of choice. The general MIDI (GM) drumbeats work seamlessly with VST-i instruments such as sampletank 1 & 2.

"Keep the midi flowin'!"

You will need a hardware sequencer that can load MIDI (.mid) files or software on your PC or MAC that can load MIDI files.


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